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Application of a trait-based species screening framework for vegetation restoration

Restoration science has rapidly developed to address many of the world’s most pressing and complex ecological problems. A primary challenge in restoration science is the selection of suitable species that can be used to restore vegetated ecosystems. Traditionally, the selection of candidate species for restoration efforts is based largely on expert knowledge of the ecosystem and target species. Less common are species selection methods that are based on ecological theory.

Recently, WANG Chen, LIU Hui, JIAN Shuguang, YAN Junhua, LIU Nan from South China Botanical Garden of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and ZHANG Hui from Hainan University present a quantitative framework for selecting species to restore vegetation based on plant functional traits. They also develop a trait-based species selection model that can translate restoration goals into functional trait targets to help researchers and land managers select potential species for restoration. In addition, they aimed to develop a graphic user interface (GUI) software platform for running the model.

They applied the model on a tropical coral island which is part of Hainan Island, China. They use three target plant species: Scaevola sericea, Ipomoea pescaprae, and Cynodon dactylon’Yangjiang’ that have been proven to have high potential for restoring the island as a prerequisite. The objective of this study is to use their trait-based model and software platform to select more plant species that can be used to restore vegetation on the island.

The research results entitle by “Application of a trait-based species screening framework for vegetation restoration in a tropical coral island of China” was published in Functional Ecology. For details, please refer to:


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